Quoting for advisory or editorial work is fraught with difficulty, as different authors tend to want different things depending on their experience, their confidence and their progress.
I can offer several different approaches, depending on what you would prefer.

Individual reading and editing services – anything from reading your manuscript and writing a report on it to giving your manuscript a thorough spring-clean and French polish.

A Package Approach – various levels of service with defined outputs.

A three-hour personal bespoke creative writing session at a place and time of your choosing – does exactly what it says on the tin: I come to you, I give you a presentation on what I believe to be the key elements of writing, you ask any questions and then we talk over what it is you want to write or are writing and I give you any advice I can.

Ghost-Writing – not something I would do very often, as it takes a lot of time to write a book for someone else and I actually have to like the subject matter and the approach, but it’s worth discussing. Don’t get your hopes up, though.

Collaborative Writing – It’s not going to happen. I have written six books and several short stories with other people, but I like to work with friends whose work and whose approach I know. Other than that, as the song goes: “I walk a lonely road…”

Feel free to go to the Rates, Estimates and Quotes page for an idea of how much any (or all) of the above would cost.